Hello, my name is Tim. I mostly work as a back end / platform engineer professionally. But enjoy working anywhere in the application stack. My open source projects, on Github, are mostly Go packages and apps.


Work Experience

Compose.io 2016 - 2019, Remote (based in UK): Platform Engineer

High Availability cloud database services. Designed/programmed services to provision distrubted database deployments. Created platform tools for managing clusters.

Quantics 2013 - 2016, Wellington NZ: App developer

Developing web app for data analysis of New Zealand wholesale real time Electricity market.

Endace 2012 - 2013, Auckland NZ: Database Engineer

Database focused engineer using Postgres DB containing traffic flows for network monitoring appliance.

NZX 2012 - 2012, Wellington NZ: Data modeling/engineering (contract)

KEA3 2011 - 2011, Wellington NZ: Linux systems (contract)

Fastbase 2010 - 2010, Wellington NZ: DB optimization (contract)

Electricity Comission NZ 2009 - 2011, Wellington NZ: Data modeling/engineering (contract)

Market Place Company 2007 - 2009, Wellington NZ: Online trading market developer


  • Go programming: network, database, gRPC/Protobuf rpc services, health checks, metric collection, web crawling, reflection, Docker container interaction, test, benchmark, profiling.
  • Python programming: database, metric collection, service health checks.
  • Javascript: JQuery, Ajax.
  • Ruby: RSpec, Mongoid ORM, Web services / Front End and Customer API.
  • Shell scripting: functions, sed, grep, uniq, sort etc…
  • Git collaboration merging, patching, rebasing and integration with CI/CD.
  • IPV4 networking ARP, DHCP, UDP, TCP, DNS, SSH, HTTP 1.1, SMTP, libpcap BPF filters.
  • C programming: Makefiles, shared libraries, networking.
  • Java programming: JNI, Android Activity, Webview.
  • Working knowledge of cryptography/hashing.


Computer Science BSc,