Cyan IDE


Cyan is an upcoming Go IDE/Editor written in Go. Designed with a minimalist / responsive UI. It's designed not interfere with your CLI tools.

I use this daily for coding in Go while developing it along the way, so the features at the moment are what I find I most need. All the UI components are keyboard navigatable (why use a mouse?). The file navigation is inspired from IntelliJ, access to the directory where you are working, with quick navigation to other directories from the buttons on top. All the undo history is written in Go, ie. if you save edit then undo back to save point it won't ask you to save. The scrolling is done with Go callbacks to give you nice clamped at 60 fps scrolling. Dialog boxes get in the way so are not there, all messages are shown in responsive way. The design is to use Go routines to do all non-interactive tasks in the background and prioritize user input. What's shown here is just the start.

It uses JNIGI to use Java which is used forĀ SWT UI components.



coming soon